The distribution of Novo is linked to the growth of the number of users.


Equal Distribution Fund

Equal Distribution Fund

The Equal Distribution Fund's goal is an even spread of Novo. Per person a maximum of 2500 Novo is distributed from the EDF. This distribution takes place in two ways:

Initial Distribution


The initial distribution will be active until the 1st of October. In this period it is possible for each individual to purchase 2000 Novo.

In-app distribution

From ~ 1st of October 2020

When making a purchase from within the Novo application, a maximum of 20% comes from the EDF and the rest from the trade market. When the personal purchasing limit of 2000 Novo from the EDF is reached, future purchases will be coming completely from the trade market.

2500 Novo per person


From 4th of August 2020

Holders can lock their Novo for a certain period of time and leave the Novo application on. The Novo blockchain randomly picks an active application to confirm a transaction every 5 minutes. The holder that confirms a successful transaction receives 0.10 Novo.

10512 Novo per year


From 4th of August 2020

Miners can use the Novo application to use the computing power of their computer to confirm transactions. Every 4 minutes a transaction can be confirmed. The miner that successfully confirms a transaction receives 0.10 Novo.

10512 Novo per year
10 billion Novo in
at least 100 years

Market trading

Here Novo users can make mutual transactions. The price is determined by supply and demand.

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