Novo is the only cryptocurrency with
an even distribution.


Why Novo


Novo has a purchase limit per person, improving price stability.

Ease of use

No manuals are needed to safely use Novo.


Ultimate security with low energy consumption.

Earn yourself

Simply earn Novo, by saving or mining with your desktop.

Stability by equality

A challenge for cryptocurrencies is to prevent large price fluctuations. Often individuals that hold large amounts (whales) can cause big pricedrops by the press of a button.

With the distribution of Novo a limit is set to 2000 Novo per person. This prevents the creation of people that hold large amounts. Price stability will be strongly improved.

Check Novo's distribution

1 Novo is now € 5.81

Trade between Novo, Bitcoin and Gulden

Pay with:


Cryptocurrencies are depending on mining for their security. To achieve this, hardware with high energy consumption is being used.

Novo solves this problem by making mining accessible for everyone, and combining this with holding, resulting in security with less energy consumption.


Receive Novo by holding

Lock your Novo for a certain period of time and keep the Novo application running. This ensures an extra check on transactions and for this you receive Novo.

Earn Novo by mining

Use the power of your desktop to confirm transactions and receive Novo for every successfully confirmed transaction.

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